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Tile Care & Maintenance

Keep your tile looking its best by following our care & maintenance guide.

Daily Tile Care

Tile is a notoriously low-maintenance flooring material. By sweeping, dusting, and working to eliminate dirt/dust, you can help ensure that your tile always looks its best. Basic preventative maintenance will guarantee that your tile withstands daily wear and tear. Start by investing in a quality broom so that you can help keep your floors clean on a daily basis.

Learn more about tile care & maintenance in our guide below.


Grout maintenance

Keeping your grout clean is essential in ensuring that your tile floors always look great. Grout is typically where dirt, dust, and other debris can start to build up over time. We recommend using a toothbrush and a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution to scrub your grout every couple of weeks. 


Typical spill and stains

Tile, unlike other flooring materials, is not inherently vulnerable to spills and stains. Should a mess or spill occur, simply wipe up the liquid in a timely manner to avoid damage to the grout or subflooring. 

The key with all spills is to act fast!


Use approved cleaners

When cleaning your tile make sure to always use manufacturer-approved cleaning solutions. Certain cleaners could provide abrasive and could ultimately harm your tile floors. When in doubt, contact your manufacturer to see what they recommend. 


Professional Grout Cleaning

For a more in-depth grout cleaning, consider finding a local retailer or business who can come in and clean your grout for you. We're happy to recommend one to you. 

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