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Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Keep your area rugs looking new by following our care & maintenance guide.

Daily Area Rug Care

Area rugs require much less upkeep than normal flooring options. By vacuuming and working to eliminate dirt/dust, you can help ensure that your area rug always looks its best. Basic preventative maintenance will guarantee that your rug withstands daily wear and tear and that the fabric is not damaged. Start by investing in a vacuum so that you can help keep your area rug clean on a daily basis.

Learn more about care & maintenance in our guide below.



Preventative maintenance for an area rug all starts with establishing a vacuuming routine. By vacuuming your rugs daily, or every couple of days, you can help to ensure that dirt and debris do damage the fibers. You should also encourage visitors to remove their shoes before stepping foot on your new area rug.



For area rug spills and stains, the key is to act fast. When a spill occurs address it quickly by finding a clean towel and cloth and working to absorb the liquid. From there, you can decide how best to move forward by consulting your manufacturer with approved cleaning solutions. 



For solids, your vacuum will help eliminate much of the dirt and debris present on your area rug. In addition to that, consider placing mats at each of your doors to encourage visitors to wipe their feet before entering your home. Area rugs are a low maintenance flooring option so expect little upkeep to keep them looking great. 


Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Sometimes you've got to call in the help of seasoned professionals. Should you find your area rug care & maintenance routine is not getting the job done, consider finding a local cleaning service and seeing about getting your rug professionally cleaned. 

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