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Carpet Care & Maintenance

Keep your carpet looking great by following our care & maintenance guide. 

Daily Carpet Care

Fortunately for homeowners, carpet is a very low-maintenance choice for homes. By simply setting up a care & maintenance routine you can help to guarantee that your carpet always looks great. 

When you vacuum your carpet every day or every few days, you can help to make sure it consistently looks great. You should also try to address carpet spills immediately after they occur to prevent long-term damage.  

Carpet Care and Maintenance
How to Clean Carpet

Spot Cleaning

For most carpet spills and messes, a simple spot cleaning is all that is required to ensure that no lingering damage occurs. While the labor involved in the spot cleaning may vary depending on what is spilled, typically the process will involve warm water and a manufacturer-approved cleaning product. 

How To Maintain Carpet at Home


When your carpet takes on a liquid spill the important thing is to act fast. The longer you wait to address the spill, the more likely it is to absorb into the fabric of your carpet. For most spills, the process will begin with absorbing the liquid with a clean towel before deciding on a next step. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer on approved cleaning solutions. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


For carpet, solids can typically be vacuumed away. If the mess lingers, consider opting for a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution to take care of the rest.


Carpet Cleaning Services

If you find yourself unable to meet the demands of caring for and maintaining your carpet, the team at America's Carpet Outlet can help you find professional cleaning services in the area. 

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