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Karastan Flooring In State College, PA

Karastan flooring promotes beautiful living through worldly inspiration, styles, and designs. Artisanally constructed with the needs of the consumer in mind, Karastan floors are built to live and grow with the customer. At America's Carpet Outlet, we're proud to offer Karastan carpet, hardwood, and vinyl for our prospective customers. 



For over 90 years, the Karastan name has been synonymous with quality, beauty, and durability. Renowned for their innovation as it relates to carpet, Karastan has become one of the go-to choices in the USA for carpeting and area rugs. Learn more about Karastan's stylish, functional, and affordable carpet today. 

Karastan Carpet
Karastan Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood Flooring

Karastan flooring's BelleLuxe is "crafted to elevate any room." Constructed from nature's finest materials and made with the customer's needs in mind, Karastan hardwood flooring promotes beautiful living. With oak, maple, and an assortment of other hardwood options, you'll love Karastan hardwood. 


Vinyl Flooring

Karastan's vinyl flooring is "better than nature intended," thanks to an inspired combination of curated grains and quality craftsmanship. With their new LuxeCraft collection, Karastan is once again raising the bar by providing customers with a flooring option that is equal parts modern and refined.

Karastan Vinyl Flooring
Karastan Area Rugs


Area Rugs

The unquestioned leader of area rug design, you can count on Karastan to consistently provide you with quality area rugs at a reasonable price. With over 90 years of experience, Karastan has perfected the area rug. Shop our impressive selection today!

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