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Style 101 — What’s Yours?

Jumping into a new look for your floor can be daunting. That’s why most people play it safe. But even if you don’t want to show off our wilder side, there are ways to incorporate fun into your floors. You just need to find the look that fits with your overall design style.



If your style is modern, you likely prefer carpets with bold geometric patterns—such as circles or squares—or the clean, sleek look of light-colored hardwoods and laminates. Both options can be used to offset the chic simplicity of contemporary furniture.

A retro gal combines the designs of the past with the flair of today. Think about sinking your toes into playful shag carpeting, or defining a room with more traditional argyle patterns. Pick an era and go with it.

You like using elements and colors that help bring the outdoors in to your home.
Exotic hardwoods or carpets with textured animal prints can add depth to a floor, while fern patterns and citrus shades help the less daring dip their toe into the water.
For those who prefer the runway to the hallway, this is your look. Patterns such as houndstooth and paisley help your home look as stylish as your closet.



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