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How To Install Bathroom Floor Tile

If you are ready to complete a dazzling bathroom remodel, there’s a great chance that you’ve landed on stylish, timeless tile to update your bathroom flooring. In addition to reliable durability and moisture resistance, both ceramic and porcelain tile options present vast design capability that allows you to create a look that’s all your own! Our America's Carpet Outlet showroom in State College PA features an incredible selection of tile colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes to complete your next incredible vision. As you plan your future design, make sure to consider these ideas for how to install tile flooring in your bathroom:

How To Install Bathroom Floor Tile #1

Larger Tile Sizes

In addition to making your bathroom feel more luxurious, installing large tile formats can save you time and enhance a confined space. Since it will take fewer larger tile pieces to cover a bathroom floor than smaller tile pieces, you can save time and grout work during your installation. Larger tile sizes will also reduce the number of seams in the finished floor and provide more tile surface area to reflect natural light. As a result, your final bathroom tile floor will be uncluttered, use natural light to perfection, and provide an airy overall feel.

How To Install Bathroom Floor Tile #2

Installation Patterns

Interior designers love using tile to create classic patterns with unique color combinations, and you can certainly install tile flooring in your bathroom in similar fashion. In addition to lending plenty of visual interest, chevron, herringbone, parquet, and diagonal tile patterns will give your bathroom upscale appeal. If you take a little extra time to lay out how you will install tile flooring patterns, you can create a one-of-a-kind bathroom design that is truly unforgettable.

Wood-Look Tile

When it comes to matching the feel of your bathroom flooring to the rest of the house, genuine is not a suitable option for bathrooms since the room will experience plenty of moisture and humidity. In order to achieve the look of your favorite species and texture, wood-look tile will help you capture a rustic feel when you install tile flooring in your bathroom. You won’t need to worry about cupping, warping, or cracking! Gorgeous wood-look tile options are offered in realistic wood plank formats that will give you classic tile performance while offering the visual of hardwood sophistication.

Subfloor Preparation

Before you begin to install tile flooring in the bathroom, you will save yourself plenty of stress if your subfloor is suitable first! Since tile installation requires a level subfloor, ensure that this step is completed thoroughly so that your budgeting and scheduling are not thrown off. An uneven subfloor can lead to a height misalignment between tiles, a lip that creates an unsightly shadow, squeaking, or even loosening of tile over time. Once the subfloor is properly leveled and prepared, your tile flooring will need mortar or tile adhesive and then need to be sealed with grout between the tiles. If you have apprehension in any of these key steps, it’s wise to hire tile professionals to guarantee the best installation results.

How To Install Bathroom Floor Tile #3

With the performance you need and the ability to create a personalized feel that’s also easy to maintain, tile flooring will help you craft a rejuvenating bathroom that helps you feel your best every day. When you are ready to turn your tile dreams into reality, visit our experts in our America's Carpet Outlet showroom in State College PA for extra tips to install tile flooring in your home!


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