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Which Flooring Adds Value To Your Home?

Which Flooring Adds Value To Your Home? #1

For the average homeowner, a new flooring purchase and installation represents a major investment that must balance several important factors. In addition to working within flooring budget parameters, new flooring must meet current household demands and potentially attract prospective homebuyers down the line. If you have ever wondered to yourself ‘does flooring add value to a home,’ you will find that savvy surface choices do increase your property’s bottom-line! Our America's Carpet Outlet showroom in State College PA has all the hard surface and soft surface flooring options that will fit your budget and help complete effective renovations. Here are a few of our key suggestions for which flooring adds value to a home:

Which Flooring Adds Value To Your Home? #2

Quality Matters

When purchasing flooring, you will often get what you pay for. If you need to quickly list a home on the market, you may choose a lower-cost flooring option that will install quickly but not offer much longevity. Although genuine hardwood flooring will cost more to purchase and install, this surface adds the most value as material and is constantly at the top of surveys as the most preferred flooring option. Similarly, natural stone will require more of your flooring budget to purchase and install, but will create an incredible, undeniable first impression when prospective buyers walk inside a home. Both hardwood and stone floors, as well as engineered hardwood and tile surfaces, will be the most durable options that will remain attractive and perform better the longest. These high-quality flooring options will add the most value to your home!

Creating Luxury

A first impression really does make a tremendous difference in assessing the value of a home, whether it’s an appraisal, a realtor assessing a market price, or a homebuyer looking to fall in love with a property. Even if you can’t afford to install a pricier material for your new floors, you can still create a luxurious look that will add value to your home! For instance, although laminate and vinyl flooring will not add as much value as hardwood, stone, or tile, you can select the widest, longest planks and oversized tile formats to create finished floors with more upscale appeal and presence. Patterned plank installations will also add sophistication to your home no matter which material you select. Explore how you can use a herringbone, chevron, parquet, or diagonal stripe pattern to add visual interest and elevated, fashion-forward results to your interiors.

Which Flooring Adds Value To Your Home? #3

Creating Value

If you live in an active community with lots of parks, walkable areas, pet owners, and young families with kids, then you can create value with your flooring choices by catering to your regional home-buying market! By choosing waterproof flooring such as LVT, sheet vinyl, or waterproof hardwood with the most desired wood and stone visuals, your listing will definitely catch the eye of an active family with kids and pets. These same families will appreciate carpeting not being used for high-traffic areas like hallways, family rooms, and living rooms. On the other hand, bedrooms are a great fit for the soft feel and sound-absorbing qualities of new carpet. If you are getting a home ready to sell, consider the needs of the area and you may find that adding value for your local demographic adds more value to the offer you receive!

So, does flooring add value to a home? Not only will new flooring increase the visual appeal of your home and add financial value, but our America's Carpet Outlet experts are also ready to help you browse all of the attractive options that will help you get the most bang for your buck!


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