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What are the different types of hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood is one slab throughout the thickness. It has beautiful undertones with knots, raised grains, and swirls that make this flooring so special. It's also classic, fits into any decor, adds value to your home, and lasts for decades.

Although it doesn't take much to care for wood floors, they can be damaged by water and moisture. They also shrink and contract to adjust to the humidity. Installation is a tongue and groove, then is nailed or glued.

Subfloors must be clean and dry; In fact, it's not recommended to install wood floors over a concrete subfloor because concrete tends to be damp. Moisture readings are taken and holes and gaps are filled in to restore the subfloor and eliminate any chance of cupping, crowning, or warping.

Engineered hardwood: beauty and practicality

The only difference is the construction, and it's taking a major share of the wood flooring industry. You still get all the beauty of undertones, knots, grain and swirls, and the ability to sand and refinish. You also get more stability, a better propensity to handle water, more possibilities of installation in higher-than-normal moisture areas, and an additional option for installation.

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Is bamboo flooring hardwood?

At the top is a slice of genuine wood, sometimes referred to as the "veneer layer." This is what gives it the beauty we've come to expect from wood floors. Underneath are three or more layers of authentic wood combined with a little resin. The layers are placed in a crosswise position which is what gives stability. Engineered floors can be installed with the floating floor technique where the pieces click together and hover over the subfloor.

While bamboo is often considered hardwood but it comes from the plant and not wood. It is as tough as hardwoods and is a little more water-resistant. Like wood flooring, bamboo adds value to a home and can be refinished.

Bamboo flooring appeals especially to those who are environmentally sensitive. It's not only natural but is also renewable. To put it into perspective, a tree often takes 20 or more years to reach maturity. This plant, however, can be harvested in as little as five or six years.

Whether it's an engineered, solid, or bamboo hardwood flooring, we'll help you install the most beautiful floors. To learn more information about hardwood flooring, and live in State College, PA, Houserville, PA, Boalsburg, PA, Pine Grove Mills, PA, Park Forest Village, PA or the surrounding areas, visit the America's Carpet Outlet showroom in State College, PA. Our knowledgeable flooring experts will provide a free estimate for your wood flooring project.