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How to select the right commercial flooring

First, know the requirements of the type of business with which you are looking for flooring. Commercial floors typically have extra durability and stain resistance but there may be other considerations, such as meeting code requirements or making sure it's slip-resistant or antibacterial, etc. As an example don't just say "restaurant," because a full-service establishment will have different needs than a coffee house. A medical office will be more concerned with antibacterial materials and slip resistance, while an advertising one will prioritize style.

Commercial grade carpet is stylish and durable

Commercial-grade carpet is a popular choice for a commercial flooring installation. These rugs are always a low pile (short, tightly woven loops), making it more durable and easy to keep clean and is available in so many colors and designs. Carpet is an ideal choice for eliminating sounds and, in offices, there are clacking printers, ringing phones, heavy traffic, lots of conversations and more.

What is an AC Rating

There are also commercial carpet tiles, modular squares that usually come in 18 X 18 and 24 X 24 sizes (although we have seen other sizes). They come in colors, fibers, and patterns, from geometrics to Berbers. You'll see them a lot in restaurants and hotels. This flooring is highly durable and more resistant to water and moisture than other rugs. They offer design flexibility since you can mix and match.

Some types of flooring may not have the “commercial grade” label, but there are levels that make some materials more appropriate for commercial floors. One of them is the AC (Abrasion Criteria) rating, used to differentiate commercial grade laminate. There are numbers from one to five. Strength levels increase as the numbers become higher. There is also an AC6 rating. The tile should be at least an AC3 rating for commercial use.

Luxury vinyl flooring (also referred to as LVF) durability is measured by the thickness of the wear layer. That is the clear, melamine sheet at the very top which protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. LVF is waterproof and the wear layer also helps that, keeping spills at the surface. For commercial installations, the wear layer should be 28 mils.

No job is ever too big or too small. At America's Carpet Outlet, we’ll handle your commercial flooring installations from start to finish. If your business is located in State College, PA, Houserville, PA, Boalsburg, PA, Pine Grove Mills, PA, or Park Forest Village, PA, give us a call or visit our showroom in State College, PA. We are excited to provide you with a free estimate on your next commercial flooring project.