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What to know when shopping for carpet

America's Carpet Outlet has 30 years of experience in the flooring industry, with a staff whose backgrounds include business, architecture, and education. If you don't buy rugs often, here is some information with which you should be familiar. You don't need to be an expert on carpet floors, but if you know a little about fibers and construction, it'll make the process easier. Feel free to call or visit us if you still have questions.

Carpet pile defines style

That phrase refers to how fibers are looped and, as a carpet flooring retailer, we know that carpet piles can simplify the construction options. High pile carpets have long, loose fibers. Examples are the shag and frieze. A low pile surface has short, tightly woven fibers, like the Berber style or a cut and loop. Saxony is what most people think of when they consider rugs, and the Saxony carpet is neither high nor low. There is a Saxony Plush, which is more formal, and a Saxony Pattern (also called "Trackless") which comes in many designs.

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Know your carpet fibers

While there are blends, there are five most common fibers. Wool is natural; it's fluffy, plush, and white. It does have a luxurious feel, and its natural oils repel dirt so a white or light color shouldn't be much of a concern.

The rest are synthetics. Nylon is known for its ultra-strength and resiliency. It can be a little absorbent but always comes with a stain protectant so it's considered stain-resistant. Polyester is a little less resilient, although technology seems to be changing that. It's hydrophobic, meaning that it's not absorbent. It has excellent stain resistance. Olefin is an economical fiber. It is most associated with the Berber style, a loop. Loops use the strongest part of the fiber, so it's a durable rug. It's also a straight loop, not a cut and loop so it eliminates one process in manufacturing, thus making it economical.

Choose your carpets from our top-quality selection

It's the density, not the weight, that makes the quality determination. Density refers to how closely together the fibers are tufted. Bend back a sample card; if you see a lot of white space, ask your flooring expert for more information. High pile rugs also have a twist level. That means how many times fiber is twisted in a one-inch length, with grades from one to six or above. The more twists, the better. The frieze sometimes has a twist as high as eight.

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