The National Wood Flooring Association states that Wood floor acclimation is 'the process of adjusting, or conditioning, the moisture content of wood flooring to the environment in which it is expected to perform.' Wood is hygroscopic. That means that planks naturally absorb moisture, which changes their dimension. You can count on America's Carpet Outlet's installation team to properly monitor moisture content throughout the installation process. We install hardwood floors in State College, PA, and surrounding areas.

Relative humidity

If the moisture content is not monitored before installation, buckling, splitting, and gapping can occur in your floor weeks or months after installers leave your home. Wood expands when it retains moisture and contracts when it loses moisture. Therefore, relative humidity in your home must comply with recommended standards, or 30- to 50-percent, before planks are installed.


Wood flooring
can be delivered to your home after the following conditions are met:

● AC or heating is functioning properly and running for several days
●  All drainage is running away from the home
●  Basement and crawl spaces are dry


Wood floor acclimation can take as little as three days or as long as two weeks. The time wood takes to acclimate is dependent upon:

● Species of the flooring - typically, exotic species take longer than domestic species
●  Climate conditions as well as expected seasonal changes
●  Manufacturer recommendations

Before making a purchasing decision, keep in mind that the wider the plank, the more it will expand and contract with environmental changes. After your wood floor is installed, your thermostat must be set between 60 and 80 degrees. Also, relative humidity must be kept within recommended standards. America's Carpet Outlet is a hardwood flooring store that offers guidance on properly maintaining your new floor. We serve an area in Pennsylvania that includes Houserville, Pine Grove Mills, Boalsburg, and Park Forest Village. We invite folks who reside in the region to visit our showroom in State College.